FoodBrowser helps you compute the sum of calories derived from various foods

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FoodBrowser 1.3 Beta

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About FoodBrowser

FoodBrowser is a Mac OS X application that lets you drag and drop foods from a nutrition data table onto a daily intake table. This allows you to keep a history of the calories derived from the foods you eat.

All the data in the nutrition table is computed per 100 grams of product. After dropping data in the calorie calculator table, you can double-click the "Qty" column and change the quantity to the actual quantity consumed. FoodBrowser will recompute the total as soon as any change in the quantity column is entered.

FoodBrowser is in Beta

FoodBrowser is being developed as (free) time permits. When it comes to inputting quantities, measurement units and reporting some things are quirky and some are down right missing; your feedback is very important in this area and we would appreciate to know what you think FoodBrowser should change: